The main use for CCleaner is to do as the name stats, Clean. The software – specifically the free version is used to clean old and temp files from your computer.

It also helps with security because by clearing temp files you are less likely to have problems with vulnerability that are in those temp files.

There are multiple versions of CCleaner, but my favorite is the free and portable version. This is the best because you can just place it on a jump drive and there is no need to install or uninstall the software on the computer. That is why we are running the software in the first place, to keep the computer clean.

The paid versions do have some advantages, like real time monitoring. But I would still rather use the free portable version.

Here is a video on how to use the software. Leave a comment below if you have additional questions.

PDF Guide to CCleaner

How to run and use ccleaner


  • CCleaner removes temporary files from your computer and helps it run a little bit faster. It also removes potential malwares.
  • Links to download CCleaner:

Main Page:
Portable Version:

You can download portable version or exe.


Downloading Portable Version:

How to run and use ccleaner1

  • You will see different available version on that page.

How to run and use ccleaner2

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • There is a ‘Builds’ section (Shown in image below).

How to run and use ccleaner3

  • Click on ‘builds’.
  • It will take you to new page which shows download option for different versions: Regular installer, Portable Version and Slim installer.

How to run and use ccleaner4

  • Click on ‘Download’ button under the Portable version.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • You can copy and take it to jump drives.


Using CCleaner:

  • Running a CCleaner requires to close the browser. Close it if open.
  • Based on the Windows version, there are 64-bit and 32-bit versions in extracted folder.
  • We are running for a 32-bit version, so click on the icon of 32-bit version (Selected in image below).

How to run and use ccleaner5

  • Once CCleaner loads, it will start in Cleaner tab.

How to run and use ccleaner6

  • It has two tabs: Windows & Applications.
  • To clean everything, keep everything checked.
  • Now, click on Analyze.

How to run and use ccleaner7

  • It goes through and checks all system directories.

How to run and use ccleaner8

It can take some time depending upon the speed of the computer and the number of files it is scanning.

  • Once scan is completed, you can see the amount of files that needs to be removed and the list of the files. For example, in the image below, it has found 1249 MB of files that needs to be removed.

How to run and use ccleaner9

  • To delete all these files and clean the system, click on ‘Run Cleaner’ button. It will show a dialogue box to ask for permission.

How to run and use ccleaner10

  • Click OK.
  • It will start cleaning.

How to run and use ccleaner11

  • The only downside of CCleaner is that if there are multiple user accounts on the system, you will have to login and run CCleaner for each account separately.
  • When it is done cleaning, it will show you a screen showing completion status.

How to run and use ccleaner12