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How to use

  • Link:
  • This website is a quick utility to help install and update applications.
  • It’s a great way when you are building a new machine to get software installed.

How to use ninite.com1

  • If you are a computer technician, it is better to go for a Pro Version. (Highlighted in the image below)

How to use ninite.com2

  • There are different sections for different utilities as shown in image below: Web Browsers, Utilities, Messaging, Media, Runtimes, Imaging, Documents, Security, File Sharing, Online Storage, Other and Developer Tools.

How to use ninite.com3

  • Select all the programs that you want to install on your computer. (It’s very helpful with new computers).
  • Once you have selected all the programs that you need, click on ‘Get Installer’ button.

How to use ninite.com4

  • It will download the installer. The page shows all the applications in this installer (Red box in the image shown below).

How to use ninite.com5

  • If it does not download automatically, you can click on ‘retry the download’ link under Download section on this page.
  • Once it is downloaded, run the installer file.
  • It will start downloading all the software that you selected and then install them automatically without asking anything.

How to use ninite.com6

  • This is a huge time saver and great for updating computers.
  • They also have a pro version and updater.