The Belkin NetCam HD+ Plus is a easy to setup and use wemo wifi security camera. It has some really nice features like night vision, audio communication and easy setup.

We have made compiled a list of network security cameras like the dropcam that may be a good list to see some alternative security cameras.

Below are some reviews and guides when it comes to the Belkin NetCam HD+ Plus

Belkin Netcam HD+ Unboxing

Belkin Netcam HD+ Setup and NetCam App Install

Belkin Netcam HD+ Fireware Upgrade

Belkin Netcam HD+ Install Manual Overview

Belkin Netcam HD+ Mounting Bracket Overview

Belkin Netcam HD+ Motion Detection Setup


  • Easy setup and install
  • wifi
  • Night Vision
  • ios (apple), Android (Google) and online browser access
  • Capture video or images to local device


  • Motion detect email don’t have different subjects, causes email threads
  • No Scheduling for motion detect
  • Had to keep power cycling device
  • Sound gets cut off if trying to talk back and forth
  • No self hosting/storage for videos ($9.99/month)