PFD antivirus removal tool Guide

Antivirus Removal Tool

  • Sometimes when you are trying to remove your old antivirus or one of the multiple antivirus software on a computer, the uninstall fails! That is where the antivirus removal tool comes in to play.

    Most, if not all, antivirus vendors provide such tool. To find the tool for your AV just search for__________removal tool.

    Avast removal tool
    AVG removal tool
    MSE removal tool
    hitman pro removal tool
    and so on.

  • Here we are going to take example of computer that is having problem with removing AVG.
  • In the image below, in ‘Add or Remove Program’, we can see that AVG is not there.

antivirus removal tool1

  • But when we go for a search, it shows files related to AVG.

antivirus removal tool2

  • In the image above, we can see that AVG 9 was installed.
  • To remove it, Run AVG Removal Tool. It will show the below screen upon double clicking it.

antivirus removal tool3

  • When you run it, it will remove everything that is AVG related, whether it is in registry, files or somewhere else.
  • It can require one or more reboot during the cleaning process. It requires to run from a local drive i.e.; you cannot run it from a jump drive.
  • Click on Yes

antivirus removal tool4

  • It is searches for all the AVG related file and checks what it can and cannot remove.
  • Once it is completed, we can check what it has done in the log file that it creates.

antivirus removal tool5

  • Removal tool is a great tool to use for removing antivirus.